“Stereoscopic gladly waiting here in peole wanted .. greetings and hugs”

by Equestriangradstudent

Online translators really suck. Because I honestly have no idea what that phrase is supposed to mean. Kelly (my sister) has a Mexican boyfriend. He speaks no English. I  speak a small amount of Spanish (enough to get an A in Spanish 101 and 102) and can communicate fairly well face-to-face. But this online chat stuff is ridiculous. A big part of why I can communicate in person is the gestural cues. Body language is easy to read. Especially when people know there’s a language barrier. Gestures become bigger and slower. Speech usually slows down too.

I was chatting with Pancho, Kelly’s boyfriend, about the next time we would all be together, which I think will be in February. Pancho is not only Mexican, he lives there too. He has never left the country, in fact. They met because my uncle bought an apartment down there and we all went to visit. We’ve now made it an annual family get together. Kelly was able to live there for a while during her gap year, which is when she and Pancho started dating. She’s back stateside again and hasn’t seen him since our last annual family visit. Anyway, I was chatting with Pancho about when we would all be down there, and in my very minimalist vocabulary I managed to explain that I wouldn’t be there for Christmas but I thought Kelly would. I then explained that I would probably be there in February for my cousin’s wedding, which is the point I had to start relying on a translator.

Fortunately for me, Pancho and I have had many translator-reliant conversations so we’re past the point of making fun of each other for it. He uses one, I use one, and we suffer through the mangled phrases it spits out. Most of them are fairly simple and fairly easy to decode. Things like, “when it comes to Mexico Mikki?” and “can not it here at Christmas?” are common and easy to understand. Things like, “Stereoscopic gladly waiting here in peole wanted .. greetings and hugs” are a little more challenging. I finally decided it meant that he is eagerly awaiting our return because he wants to see people. Greetings and hugs, I’m guessing, is just a farewell, as it was the close of our conversation.

I’ll be really upset if I don’t make it down to Mexico this year. As a GA, I’m required to stay here over Christmas break to make sure the horses get taken care of and everything runs smoothly. I’m hoping to get time off to go for at least a long weekend in February because my cousin Jake is getting married. And I want to go to Mexico, damnit!