Horse Assignments

by Equestriangradstudent

This is going to be the biggest problem I’ll face in my time here, I imagine. Trying to organize classes was bad enough, but assigning horses for the students to ride was way worse. The instructors yelled horses and times at me while I tried to accurately record them on the white board. Some horses got scheduled back to back, and some didn’t get scheduled at all. After everyone finished doing their own horse assignments they left the information with me to organize on the white board, which looked disastrous. I color-coded and put times on order, wrote down any conflicts to tell the staff about later and finally went home. Three hours later.

That’s all done now (obviously, I’m home writing about it), but I still feel on the verge of a mental breakdown. Not only do I have to worry about that schedule, but I now have my own to plan. I have to find grooms or my rides may not work out. Currently, my schedule looks like this:

7:30 Ride Annie

9:00 Work Stud for Training I students to watch

10:00 Ride Avery or Griffin

11:00 Ride Griffin or Abs

12:00 Ride Abs or Avery

1:00 Farrier class (two hours)

3:00 Teach private training class

It looks so much nicer than the schedule I had last quarter (you can find it in one of my pervious posts, Early Mornings, I believe) but I’m still a bit worried about fitting all my rides in without anyone to tack up or untack for me. So tomorrow I’ll go out and try to recruit grooms. Hopefully I get reliable students who care about their hygiene. Poor Audra got stuck with a groom who never bathes.