You’re Staff Now

by Equestriangradstudent

“You’re staff now.” That’s the phrase I kept hearing all day. “You shouldn’t be on that side of the office, you’re staff now,” “you can ride alone, you’re staff now,” “you can’t talk to students like that, you’re staff now.” Really, the most thrilling change I have already mentioned, I didn’t have to get up before the sun. Tomorrow I can sleep in even later. I don’t officially have to be there until eleven thirty for a staff meeting (because I’m staff now) but Jenny and I are going to ride together at nine thirty. Because riding alone is not that fun. I know because I tried it today. The little princess doesn’t like having an arena to herself, especially when she can see other horses being led past.

Going to my first staff meeting was rather alarming. Everyone wandered in at random times, talked over each other and didn’t really get much accomplished. When Faith came in, even less work got done. I understand how hard it is to make a schedule for a hundred odd students, but really there must be a better way. This just looked like mass chaos. I suddenly realized how some people got into the classes they did (because instructors couldn’t find anywhere else to stick them!). I felt bad for some people who requested instructors or class times and thought others were arrogant bitches. I was very glad I wasn’t a full-fledged staff member. All I had to do was attend and try to absorb information, which was challenging enough in that setting.

My day was so much shorter than it ever has been during my time as a student here, but I’m still as exhausted as any other first day of any other quarter. Tomorrow should be easier, Tuesdays always are.