Dysfunctional Families

by Equestriangradstudent

The staff meetings are probably the most disorganized thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone sits around a tiny table, working on their own random little projects and talking over everyone else. I think these first meetings of the quarter are particularly bed because they are also trying to schedule over a hundred students into classes. There’s no online class registration here, it’s all done on paper. The students have to meet with Faith, request the classes and instructors they want and cross their fingers that it happens. Then the staff have to decipher Faith’s handwriting and hope they understood the students’ requests. Seeing this process happen explains so much about my schedule in past quarters.

Seeing the staff dealing with all of this made me like them a lot more. Well, the ones I didn’t like already. Except Kelly, it just made me dislike her more. They were all goofing around, trying to deal with the stress of it all. Like one big, dysfunctional family. And they were kind enough to include me in it! All told, it was pretty fun albeit a little overwhelming.

Unfortunately, being a GA doesn’t mean I get to know my schedule any sooner than the normal student population. It’s only a small consolation that the staff don’t fully know theirs yet either. So far I know that I will be riding with the staff at noon and starting a young horse in front of all of the new students at nine. Ooh, excitement. Wait, let me clarify that. I will be starting a young horse in front of new students and Ron. Who is extremely picky about how things are done. And he loves to watch horses misbehave. This should be an exciting quarter.