Registration Day

by Equestriangradstudent

I gave three campus tours today. I was not prepared for that. Because people could show up to registration any time between nine and two, I had to give the tours separately instead of taking groups. Why would you come to a college you’ve never seen? I wouldn’t. But these idiots would. So I gave tours. This is this. It looks ugly but I promise it works. That is that. It looks even uglier and only sort of works. Yes, that is a school bus. It doesn’t work. Someone lives inside it. That was how I spent most of my day. Outside in the cold. 

Then Sam fixed my breeches. Thank god she’s around. Not only did she fix my favorite breeches (I know they all look the same because they’re all damn beige Tailored Sportsman’s, but that’s still my favorite pair), but I got to hang out with the dogs, go out to dinner and watch Parks and Recreation. Which is surprisingly entertaining. And now I’m getting ready for bed, after such an exciting evening. Thank god for Sam. I won’t make it through the quarter without her.

Tomorrow is a big day, my first as a GA. I still have no idea what’s expected of me. I’m supposed to be on campus at eight thirty (so late, the sun will be up!) for a “meet and greet” with all the new students. Beyond that, I have no clue. Hopefully ride my horses, but I don’t really know. Because this school is so freaking disorganized.

I’m kind of at the mercy of all of the staff, as I’m slowly beginning to realize. What was my first clue? Kristen and Nancy arguing over whether I had to meet incoming horses or paint the dorm floor. I had to do both, in case you were wondering. Floor paint smells like nail polish and horses never arrive on time. These are my important life lessons.