Waiting for Horses

by Equestriangradstudent

As the GA, I am responsible for meeting any incoming students’ horses. How this normally works is that I will be given the new students’ phone numbers and they will be given mine so we can communicate about arrival times. How this works when Nancy is in charge is that the new students call her and she texts me. Last night she texted me at eight thirty to tell me a horse would be in at ten. Okay, I can do ten. No last movie with renee for me, ten is fine. She texts me at nine to tell me it’ll be closer to eleven. That’s okay, I don’t mind. I don’t hear anything from her after that, so I figure I’ll head to the barn early just in case they’re closer to ten. I get there at ten thirty, locate a blank stall chart and an empty stall, turn on lights, open doors. Check on my horses. Fix Abigail’s rug. Go to the car because it’s freezing. Wait in the car. Play sudoku on my phone. Check for texts. Blast the heat. Blast the music. Try not to fall asleep. By midnight, I decide they’re not coming, and if they are they can call. I go back to my apartment and crawl into bed, making sure to turn my phone up as loud as possible. 

The next morning I wake up at five to take mum to the airport (thank the gods!). Afterward I run to the barn to check if the horse actually got in. It did, but not in the stall I set up for it. The owner decided to move a horse out of a stall in a different barn so her horse could have a bigger stall. It’s a goddamn pony, too. The damn thing does not need a double stall. It can’t stay there anyway because student owned horses can’t be in the big stalls. Whatever, the horse got there and I never got a call. 

So today I asked Nancy what time other horses were coming in, and she told me two. I left my other GA duty (of painting the floors in the dorms, that’s a great tale) to meet the horse, and guess what? No trailer. I waited until three, and then texted Nancy. She replied that it would be closer to three thirty (which means I have to finish writing this and leave soon). That’s fine, at least it’s not midnight. We’ll see if this one is on time.