A Student No Longer

by Equestriangradstudent

Okay, that may not be the best title, as I will be a grad student, but I am now officially done being a regular, undergrad student. Of course I will still be learning, because when does that ever stop? Especially with horses, they’ve always got something to teach you. Like my darling little mare, who surprised me today by actually listening to my half-halts! We won one class, with a score of 61.6% (I know, not fabulous but better than 45%, which we had gotten at the last show) and were second in our other (equitation) class. We even got an eight for our free walk! And we looked damn good. I hope someone got a good picture of Abs’ braids, because I finally found a good size for her neck. And she didn’t even try to rub them out between rides! What a good mare. 

My school lets graduating students do “grad rides” which are set to music and can be whatever the fuck you want. Renee, Emily and I rode to Hall of Fame by The Script. It’s a pretty good song, you should check it out. We were originally going to jump, but Benni (Renee’s horse) had a swollen leg so we decided to just flat it. Since all of our horses are Training/First level horses, we couldn’t pull out any fancy moves. Lucky for us our parents are not horse people. We ended up doing some basic school figures and suppling work, which looks fancy of you know nothing about horses. Leg yields, shoulder-in, travers and renvers. Oh, yes, very exciting. We only do them every day in our warm-up. But our parents loved it and we got to ride to a pretty badass song. And now we’re done, thank god. 

Mum leaves early tomorrow morning, and I cannot wait. She wasn’t horrible today, choosing to sit in the bleachers and video everything instead of following me around and getting in the way. We’re going out to dinner with Renee and her family tonight, which should be fun. I’ll be glad to see her go, but all in all it was probably the best time we’ve had together. Maybe I’m growing up. Or she is. But probably it’s me. Because she’s crazy. Just sayin’.