Mum Arrives

by Equestriangradstudent

As predicted, my mum did not let me touch my computer yesterday, stating that it was rude to use electronics when she was here (meanwhile, she was on her smartphone) and I should pay attention when she was talking to me. The only reason I’m online now is because she’s in the shower. I know, sneaky little me!

After saying that she didn’t want to disturb my normal routine, she proceeded to do just that. My plan without her there would have been to take a nap, organize my show clothes and watch jumping practice. We still watched some of jumping practice, but she complained throughout that she was freezing and finally ended up taking my truck home. Which meant she took my phone, too because I never take my phone out of the truck when I’m on campus. 

Lucky me, Jaq came back into town for graduation. I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I saw her walking to Rinaldo’s stall to tack him up. That crazy girl jumped a stallion with slide plates who had never jumped before! I was able to hang out with her for a bit and catch a ride home with her boyfriend. And I managed to score an invitation to their thanksgiving! It was a good end to the evening.

Later that night we had dinner with a bunch of kids who are graduating. Renee’s dad took a ton of photos, Maryah’s mum teased her about boys, Emily and Cerise’s family sat at a separate table (weird, right?) and my mum spent the whole time trying to talk to Renee’s dad about local artists (he’s an artist, she’s a wannabe. Went to art school and everything). At least she wasn’t bugging me. 

She decided that she wanted to sleep in my bed, with me. That would be fine if she didn’t try to cuddle all night. I overheated quickly and couldn’t get any sleep. Every time I moved, she asked if something was wrong. There’s a reason I have a pull-out couch in my apartment! If she keeps me up tonight I’m just going to sleep on that. I can’t take it. I’ve not yet caught up on my massive sleep debt and I’m goddamn grouchy. At least today is a fairly light day. After feeding and cleaning stalls this morning, I have a break until 10:30, when I have show practice. The school does a thanksgiving meal at noon, and graduation at three. I know, I know, what school has anything scheduled on thanksgiving? Mine. “The horses don’t know it’s a holiday.” True, so feed them and clean their stalls, then take the day off. Logical? Yes. What every other barn does? Yes. But Ron loves to make his students miserable.