Graduation Day

by Equestriangradstudent

…which is also thanksgiving. Because my school is awesome like that. I have certifications aplenty now. Massage, Teaching, Training, Riding. Yep, I’m all set for the real world! But wait, I’m not actually going out into the real world. I’m staying in the bubble. For at least another three months. Oh well, winter is a lovely time to be in a bubble, right? Sure, if I don’t go crazy. For a school that prepares its students for the horse industry, it’s awfully anti-industry. And yeah, there’s some pretty bad stuff out there. But honestly, there’s some pretty great stuff out there too. And I’m  staying away from it. What a dumb decision. All of my friends are leaving. I’ll be left here with only people who annoy the shit out of me. Like Laura. Dear gods, Laura. She hugged me today. I’m going to be stuck in the bubble with her for another three months. 

Positives, look on the bright side. I’ll officially be allowed to hang out with the staff. Sam and Jenny are pretty fabulous people. I won’t have to clean stalls or turn out horses (I can sleep until six in the morning!). I can have grooms tack up for me! I can even go to off-campus events. Too bad it’s winter and nothing will be going on. 

Well, must get back to thanksgiving! Off to hang out with Jaq for what might be the last time. She’ll certainly make things exciting. I just hope I don’t get slapped tonight.