Last Day

by Equestriangradstudent

Today was the last day of normal classes. No more getting up at four thirty! Though the morning started a bit rough, the day ended quite nicely.

After turning out and cleaning my stalls, we started the last morning feed class of the quarter. Christina was her usual lazy self, and throughout the class I debated whether to tell her she would have been fired if this was a job. But it’s not, it’s just school and all I can do is dock her grade. Which I do, daily. Her performance hasn’t improved any. In fact, she’s just gotten more and more annoying because now she asks me about her grade constantly. You’re a lazy, fat-ass failure, stop asking me dumb questions! She took twice as long as my other students to do her part of the arena, which meant I had to stay late to watch her. I’ll be thrilled to not be a barn manager next quarter.

Fortunately, training class improved my mood. Annie, my training baby, was a darling. I was able to get on her without lunging first, and even got a nice video. She’s an Arab Swedish Warmblood cross and as lazy as can be. She’s only been under saddle for three months but she’s quiet and steady. We’re going walk trot canter with steering and some contact. We’ve jumped a bit but she generally trots over them because she’s too lazy to pick up her feet. I’m hoping Jen lets me continue riding her next quarter. She belongs to John, who desperately wants to get her sold and I’d love the chance to help with that. Plus, it’s pretty cool to see all the progress I’ve made with her. I actually had some free time in my free block, so I showed John the video of Annie and me. He liked it and I now have permission to put it online.

My rides were wonderful, Abs and Loki having decided to be quite pleasant for the last class. Abs and I are ready for our test on Friday and will hopefully be able to score above a 60 on it. It is, after all, only Training level. And the spotted wonder horse was just a bit wiggly and lazy. We had some fun with canter departs and a few jumping efforts, and ended the ride early. He’ll enjoy a week off in between quarters. 

I got to go home early today as well, and am writing this after a quick shower. I’m clean before seven! Oh my lord! I’ll definitely be going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow will be easy, with just feed at six thirty, practice at seven thirty, helping a friend move around ten and then picking up my mum from the airport around one. Maybe it won’t be so easy, then. I forgot my mum was coming. That’ll make things interesting.