by Equestriangradstudent

This is, sadly, my last weekend with Renee. It’s my last weekend with a lot of people, but Renee is the one I spend the most time with. We have a routine. We do laundry together. We watch movies together. We polish boots together. And most importantly, we bitch about the stupid people we go to school with together. Who am I going to do that with now? My stress levels will rise quickly without that weekend routine. Bitching about things seems to make them far less stressful. But I suppose that’s why I started this blog. I can vent safely to anonymous internet readers which will hopefully both de-stress me and amuse you. 

Please do keep in mind that I am new to this and it may take a while before I settle into a particular writing style. Thing is, I haven’t really written anything for leisure since before college. Oh yeah, I already have a bachelor’s degree, have now done a year and a half at a trade school for training horses and am going to be a graduate assistant at said trade school. More on my background to follow at some point, I’m sure. For now, however, I plan to finish my weekend routine by eating pierogies and watching Alice with Renee. And then go to bed insanely early and try not to think about how early I have to get up.