Cast of Characters

by Equestriangradstudent

As promised, loyal readers, here follows a list of the key figures in my life at the moment. They appear in no logical order, just as I think of them.

Mikki, me. Owner of two fantastic horses, graduate assistant, somewhat sarcastic.

Renee, best friend. Owner of one adorable and silly horse (Benni), addicted to sugar, graduates with me but leaves while I stay on.

Avery, my gelding. Fleabitten gray, Thoroughbred, hunter and dressage horse, polite and sweet. Also called Wavy, Waves, The Wavy man, and (formally) Hey Jealousy.

Abs, my mare. Bay, Zweibrucker, eventer, angry bitch. Also called Abby, Abigail, Babby, Bab, and (formally) Vixen. Registered as Harmony (what a laugh).

Sam, dressage instructor. Owns three horses, William, Loki and Isabeau (all of whom I love). Awesome, geeky, funny, talented eBay user, married to equally geeky army man who owns two Chihuahuas, Niko and Tofu.

Jenny, jumping instructor. Owns one horse, Delta. Hardworking, easily frustrated. Has big goals and I love her for it.

Nancy, dressage and jumping instructor. Owns quite a few horses. The wonderchild of the Manor.

Faith, dressage instructor, dean of the school. Doesn’t ride anymore.

Ron, president of the school. Doesn’t ride anymore, crotchety old man. Set in his ways.

Jen, western instructor, head of training department. Owns three horses. Great eye, nervous rider.

Kelly, head of teaching department. Control freak, bad rider.

John, head of farrier department. Giant child, prankster. Amazing farrier, has made a lot of changes to Abs’ way of going.

Maryah, student. Came in with me, has to stay to do make-ups. At least I won’t be alone.

Mum, my mum. Crazy, disorganized, drives me up a wall.

Dad, my dad. Fire Captain, somewhat melancholy.

Kelly, my sister. Very unlike Kelly the instructor. Will have to clarify which one I write about.

Garrett, my brother. Tall, goofy, easy to pick on (not that I do…anymore).

There are, of course, other people at the school; instructors, staff and students. There are other people in my life, not school-related (although increasingly my life has become more about school). If I mention someone not on the list, I will give a bit of background (as much as they deserve) on them.