by Equestriangradstudent

Finding out that I got the position was not the most exciting moment of my life. In fact, it was rather entirely less than exciting. Now, I have already relayed this story to almost everyone (worth talking to) on campus but I will share it here for form’s sake. Some pieces might not make sense as you might not have the necessary understanding of, well, anything.

Kelly (don’t worry, a character list will follow shortly) caught me in the office and asked me to meet her at her classroom at 11:15. I walked down there to find that she had not yet arrived. The Teaching I students were using their teacher-free time to do homework, which really meant talking to each other. When she finally arrived fifteen minutes later (thanks, Teaching I students, for entertaining me) she waved me out the door. I stepped outside and she immediately started with, “I assume from my thumbs up in the office you know you got the position.” What thumbs up? I’m thinking, I saw no thumbs up. I just nod and smile. Kelly continues what sounds like a very prepared speech. She wants me to know that all of the staff members voted for me (not a surprise), but that they had two concerns about me. The first, says a very serious Kelly, is that I am not bubbly enough when I teach. Bubbly? For freaking real? Kelly hasn’t seen me teach since my first quarter, what does she know? But the other staff agreed! I’m going to have to talk to them and sort this out. What’s the second issue? Well now we’re really having a laugh. Issue number two: I am not allowed to party with the students. If you know me, you know I’m not one for parties. If you know what the schedule here is like, you know it’s not exactly conducive to partying. That’s not to say some no one does, but it certainly hasn’t inspired me to. Saying these two completely irrelevant things has very nearly taken twenty minutes because Kelly loves to talk. I’ve been nodding and saying okay, when I can manage to fit a word in. Finally she releases me. Even though I now know what I’m doing for the next three months, I still have to survive the hellish schedule that this school generously provides for its students. Being released, I hurry to slide back into my routine before time gets away from me further.

There we have it, I will be the graduate assistant next quarter. Really shouldn’t have taken so long to say.